Services Provided By EURO-AM BMW Service Sacramento.



Electrical systems are becoming increasingly complex. At EURO-AM BMW SERVICE in Carmichael, CA, our expert BMW technician Peter has extensive experience with BMW's to find the root of the problem on the first visit. Electrical system repair or replacement includes:

  • Battery- checking cleanliness, connections, programming and charge
  • Alternator- proper charging, connections, and belt tension
  • Starter- checking cleanliness and connections
  • Cables & Connections – removing rust and corrosion, tight connection
  • Coil over Plug Testing- with our high-end diagnostic equipment we can determine exactly which coil is faulty.
  • Problems starting
  • Charging problems
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Electrical System indicator light
  • Check Engine Light on
  • Window will not go up or down
  • Door locks do not engage
  • Door does not open
  • Damaged window regulator or motor

BMW Air Conditioning and Heating

At EURO-AM BMW SERVICE we have all the right equipment to diagnose the A/C system in your BMW. Whether your A/C system has a leak, is not blowing air, not cooling properly, blowing cold air from driver side and not passenger, or simply does not turn on we can fix it.

BMW Preventive Maintenance

Make sure your BMW gets the right fluids at the right times, whether it’s engine oil, power steering, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. all fluids are designed with specification to ensure the components are properly lubricated. At EURO-AM BMW Service and maintenance center we only use fluid meeting or exceeding manufacturer specifications.

The engine in your BMW is a sophisticated power plant, and it requires engine oil that meets exact specifications. Choosing the proper oil, along with oil and filter changes at factory-specified intervals, will help ensure proper lubrication for your vehicle’s engine. In every visit we inspect all fluids, filters, & check and inflate each vehicle’s tires to the recommended tire pressure rating at the time of performing any automotive maintenance or repair service. We will also advise you of any parts or service needed to keep your BMW running properly.

BMW Check Engine Light Diagnostics

The check engine light is designed for a reason. DO NOT ignore it, as this can cause costly repairs. When your check engine light comes on your BMW is detecting there is an error in your engine management system. Some of the reasons your check engine light may be on is faulty ignition coils, bad O2 sensor, Evap leak in the vacuum system, electrical or fuel problems in the engine, just to name a few. The check engine light is your friend, it is warning you of a problem that needs to be fixed to prevent further damage to your engine or damage to your vehicles emission system. Bring your vehicle in to our BMW mechanic shop and we will be more than happy to assist you on getting your BMW back on the road safely.


BMW Brakes and ABS Service

BMW is the ultimate driving machine designed to protect you by multiple notifications of any mechanical problems or maintenance needs. This includes braking and ABS systems. BMW braking system like most European vehicles has implemented brake pad wear indicator sensors to warn you when the brake work are due for service. This warning will usually tell you to visit the workshop or the brake light on the dashboard will illuminate red or yellow. At our specialized independent repair shop we have all the proper equipment to reset your brake light after the work has been done.

The ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) also has sensors to detect other issues. If your ABS light is on bring your vehicle to Euro-AM BMW Service so we can diagnose what the issue is and provide you with an estimate of repairs needed. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your vehicles brake or ABS systems. Call us at 916-944-4491 to schedule a service.

BMW Suspension and Steering

Your BMW has been made with extreme precision and engineering this includes your steering and suspension system. We have all the necessary technology and experience to repair any and all BMW damaged components on your steering or suspension. Components that allow your European vehicle to maneuver the way it does have parts that with time suffer and need to be replaced, for instance: ball joint, tie rod, struts, control arms, and many more. These parts have bushings that with time wear down and need replacement.

When repairing BMW suspension or steering components a proper four wheel alignment is required, leaving your vehicle like new.


BMW Engine Cooling System

Our Sacramento specialized technician Peter is ready to take care of any mechanical problem or coolant leak your BMW cooling system may have. We repair radiators, water pumps, reservoirs, thermostats, hoses, etc. and using the proper fluids for your European vehicle meeting all manufacturer specifications.

Changing your antifreeze is just like changing your oil. The coolant ages and needs to be changed to prevent corrosion and sulfur which leads to the breakdown of your system components. This helps prolong the life of your heating and cooling system and prevent costly repairs.